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Welcome to Courtlands Special School!


Courtlands is an amazing place to come with a real feel of positivity, acceptance and camaraderie. As you walk around the building you see smiling children loving their learning and behaving exceptionally well. You see therapies many schools do not offer and a curriculum that invents and interests. You see learning organised to meet the developmental needs of the children and we have the confidence to buck the trend, stand out, and to aim for the outstanding.
As a special school we cater for primary aged children who have Moderate Learning Difficulties, Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties, and other complex needs.  This means that our children are academically below what you might normally expect for a child of their age, usually by two to three years.  Within this there is a very wide range of needs, such as children with mild medical issues, developmental disorders such as ADHD and Dyspraxia, mild Autism and speech and language difficulties. All of the children have an Education, Health and Care Plan, and are given a place here by the Local Authority.  We have a maximum of 75 children here at any one time ranging in age from 4 to 11 years old.

We have small classes of no more than ten children with lots of adult support so that the children's difficulties are no longer limiting their progress.  We look at the whole child and help them to to get better all round.  This means that we help them to socialise, eat and play independently, become more active and have better coordination.  We help them to learn to swim, ride a bike and look after themselves in every way.  Our children make excellent progress and really enjoy coming here - often the first time they have ever enjoyed their school.

As our parents put it... "The school's overall provision is outstanding!  It is comprehensive yet still has a personal, family feel.  We couldn't be happier with the school."

For many of our children the difficulties they encounter in life are not ‘cureable’ – we cannot ‘stop’ them being autistic, dyspraxic or dyslexic. We cannot re-wire brains damaged by genetic chance or premature birth, or in some cases by in-eutero exposure to alcohol or drugs. They do however deserve to be taught about their difficulties and be supported to build bridges over them using the most up to date knowledge and practice from across the world. As special school staff, we accept our role as being ‘more than just teachers’ and take pride in taking small steps towards making a big difference. 
All of our children love coming to school and aim to learn to the best of their abilities. They love to lead their own learning by sharing their ideas with us and each other, and we listen to them, planning engaging activities from their suggestions. They enjoy all of what school has to offer, from their Maths, English and LOTC (outdoor learning), through their therapies to the extra-curricular clubs and activities, but most of all the personal relationships they have with their peers and us. They tell us that they feel very safe and well cared for and proud when they make progress. They behave exceptionally well when consistently supported to reflect on their own choices, and learn to empathise with others and to be proud of their own achievements. I believe that we lay solid foundations for them to build an independent and prosperous life upon in the future.
At Courtlands all of the adults aim to learn and apply the most effective ways of supporting our children to make the very best possible progress; academically, socially, developmentally and emotionally. We work closely with our colleagues from the therapeutic community, other schools and each other in order to integrate what are considered specialist practices into our every-day classroom experiences. We provide a personalised “Learning Journey” that, when delivered consistently and as a cohesive team, allows our children to build bridges over their barriers to learning and make outstanding progress. We rigorously self evaluate our efforts and use this evidence to inform our own development and that of the children. Through this approach we all become learners, inevitably strengthening our culture and ethos – and helping each one of us engage more meaningfully in leading our children’s learning and development.

Another parent said... ' I feel confident and relaxed sending my child to Courtlands. My child always looks forward to going and enjoys the day and returns home happy and smiling."

We are a busy and friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have.

Thank you for visiting!

Lee Earnshaw
Head Teacher