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Progress Tables

On this section of the website you can find information on how well the children are making progress in their learning. 

As a school we ensure that the teachers check how well the children are progressing in their learning firstly by checking the learning in every lesson.  The teachers then record this information over time and formally report it to Mrs Lawrence, our Deputy Head Teacher and Assessment leader three times per year (November, February and June).  Mrs Lawrence and Mr Earnshaw then use this information to make sure that your children are making the very best progress possible. 

Below are a number of documents which show how well our children perform against national expectations.  Much of the language used is quite specific to people who work in schools, but the broad ideas are relatively easy to understand.  We colour code the information to aid understanding and a general guide to you is that if it is coloured green, then it means the children are making at least as much progress as the top 25% of the special needs population in the country.  If they are yellow, they are making as much progress as the average child, and red means they are making the same progress as the lowest 25%.  So... if 75% are green, then we are doing three times as well as expected nationally!

If you would like any further explanations, please contact us and we will be happy to help.