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Governing Body of Courtlands School



We currently have one Co-opted vacancy.  If you are interested in joining the Courtlands governing body please contact Charlotte Roe (Clerk to Governors) through the school.  Below are some details on become a school governor.



Governors’ Annual Statement of Impact


October 2015


Our vision statement clearly describes what we are all about as a school.


Courtlands is committed to providing our children with an outstanding educational experience regardless of their individual learning, behavioural, development or social needs.  We will provide a sanctuary in which individuality, independence and the joy of learning are celebrated. Learning the skills for a happy and prosperous life will be at the heart of all we do. We will teach our children the value of the relationships between all members of the school family, the wider community and our environment and provide them with a truly special curriculum. We will support all our children to build bridges over any barriers, and overcome their difficulties in learning through innovation and application of industry best practice. And most of all, we will put everyone at the centre of their own ‘Learning Journey’ which will prepare them for an independent life in the 21st century.


Our new school motto is ‘Together on a Learning Journey’


The teaching at the school, care of pupil’s, quality of provision and leadership of the school is ‘Good with Outstanding Features’.  There is a clearly defined process on pupil progress, which is appropriate for their education.  The school aims to provide a safe, caring environment in which each child is encouraged to achieve their full potential.


Governors are unanimous in supporting the view that as a school their aim is to provide a rich, exciting and varied curriculum that will inspire and engage children and prepare from for life in the outside world.  Staff at Courtlands work together to create a positive climate for learning as we believe in trying to help the children become lifelong learners as well as learn to manage their challenges.


As part of our annual school review we send out a parent survey.  We take the views of parents and carers very seriously.    We also offer a wide range of extra curricular activities.  Should parents require any extra support we have a Safeguarding Officer and Parent Support Advisor


Strategic Plans for the next 3-5 years


Effectiveness of leadership and management

  • Work with LA and other school colleagues to establish the future designation and rebuild of our school

  • Further develop links with mainstream schools to establish inclusion bases and outreach services

  • Embed new structure of monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school through structured calendar of events

Quality of teaching learning and assessment

  • Continue to improve quality of teaching and learning so that an increasing proportion of teaching is judged ‘Outstanding’. (currently 50%)

  • Further embed integrated curriculum to best meet the complex holistic needs of the children whilst supporting ‘Outstanding’ academic progress in light of national developments.

  • Improve the quantity of recorded work in books to include practical sessions and use of literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.

  • Improve the quality of meaningful feedback and review through marking.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  • Develop withdrawal space for all classrooms and a dedicated ‘Restorative’ space in school.

  • Restructure lunch and playtimes to provide additional support to children

  • Develop protocols for CHAT (therapies) referral and monitoring of impact

  • Develop improved monitoring and evaluation of behaviour data to further positively impact on pupil progress

  • Further develop the developmental LOTC curriculum and combine opportunities for recording pupil achievements andprogress

Outcomes for pupils

  • Ensure consistency of robust, professionally challenged and moderated assessment procedures (now levels have gone) in order to accurately track pupil progress

  • Develop use of ICT based assessment analysis to enhance targeting of resources to individuals and groups

  • Further develop coordination and monitoring of teaching assistant interventions relating to provision maps

  • Improve quality and cohesiveness of IEP targets relating to EHC/statements etc.


School Development Plan/School Improvement Plan


Governors play a role in developing the plans and regularly reviewing the actions at Full Governor meetings and 3 times a year meet with the SDP co-ordinator to scrutinise the plan further.  Governors challenge the SLT on any objectives we feel are not workable or have not been achieved in the allotted time, and obviously any financial implications there may be.


Governor Visits


Governors visit the school very regularly and fill in a governor visit form, after their visits.  We feel these visits help us to understand the way the school is run and how well the children are learning.  The Chair of Governors regularly meets with the Head teacher to discuss any major issues that might be arising.  The Chair and other governors meet with members of staff when visiting the school and help with any concerns.  The Chair of Governors meets with the SLT on a regular basis to offer support and be a ‘critical friend’.  Any school social events are well attended by governors; helping with the administration of taking photos (ensuring that the policy is adhered to) and refreshments.


Data Analysis


Governors regularly look at data in SDP meetings and ensure that the children are achieving their full educational potential.  Questions are asked around children who are struggling or are gifted and talented.  The Chair of Finance meets the Deputy Head regularly to discuss Pupil Premium and how we use it for the benefit of the children.   As a result of Governors looking at data they are confident that the children are achieving excellence from our teachers.




All policies are looked at on a regular basis at governor meetings.  We have a clerk who is really on the ball and keeps us well informed on any new policies we need to look at.


Financial Management


We have an excellent Business Manager who gives us all the financial paperwork we need to know about for our finance meetings; she also attends our finance and personnel meetings so we are able to ask her about anything we feel we need to know.  Our Chair of Finance is very up to speed on financial matters.



Staff Recruitment


A number of our Governing Body have undergone safer recruitment training and some of the governors have been on interview panels.  We take the selection of staff very seriously and our appointment process is very rigorous.  Our staff also take part in the interview process and we are always amazed how perceptive our children are. 


Governor meetings


We have six full governors meetings a year and four Personnel/Finance meetings a year.  Three of our Governors are also involved with the Head teachers performance management to set targets for the following school year.  We also have at least one Governors’ day a year when as many governors as possible come in and spend time in classrooms, have lunch with the children and generally have a good look around the school.     Any absences from meetings are fully explained and always expected and approved by the governing body.  The level of commitment from all our Governors is exceptional, we are very proud of our school.  The children and staff all work extremely hard.


Governor Training


Most Governors have attended training in the area they are responsible for within the school, and are encouraged by the Chair to attend governor training sessions provided by the Local Authority Governor Support Team.  The Chair regularly attends Chair's updates run by the Governor Development team to keep up to speed with any changes for Governors.


Governor Development Plan


We take very seriously our role in helping to set the school's vision and strategic aims, agreeing plans and policies, and making creative use of our resources.


Future and continuous improvement


We will strive to further make the children's learning as creative as possible giving them every opportunity to have teachers who are exceptional, who go that extra mile to give them the very best education.