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Dogs Helping Kids (DHK)

Dogs Helping Kids is a unique charity dedicated to training carefully selected dogs to help teach children and teenagers non-violence, empathy, respect, kindness, love, responsibility, friendship and trust.  Dogs Helping Kids primary aim is to educate, help and support children and teenagers of all ages, backgrounds, sexes and abilities.  This is achieved by our School Dogs working in the school, college and library environments as both educational and therapeutic aids.


The impact in the educational environment is amazing.  Academic research has shown that dogs working and helping in an educational environment can achieve the following:- Improve academic achievement, increase literacy skills, calm behaviour down, increase social skills and self esteem, increase confidence, teach responsibility and respect to all life, help prevent truancy and motivate children who are often not that attentive.


The school dogs are highly trained dogs who are of impeccable temperament.  Training for each School Dog Team takes 2 years and each team has to pass 6 assessment.  Once certified, each School Dog Team is annually assessed in their working environment.