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As a special school for special children we believe that we have a duty to provide a truly special curriculum which supports our children to build bridges over their barriers to learning.  We teach our children in unique ways, using skill, empathy, encouragement and ambition; looking outwards to the therapeutic community and the expertise that lies both within and outside of our school.

In the traditional sense, we follow the National Curriculum for England and differentiate it to meet the individual learning needs of the children.  In our opinion it is more than this: The curriculum is all that we do, say, teach and learn in our school both in class and out, both formally and informally.  It defines the experience of our children and the environment in which they learn.  Children ‘learn what they live’ all the time, not just in the taught lessons which we teachers plan so diligently for, but during their free time, walking the corridors, playing on the field and eating their lunch, those informal tangents we follow at a whim and through laughter and fun.


Our children are unique and require a specialist approach for them to excel, taking into account their personal special needs and adapting our approaches to meet those needs.


Personal development and life skills have equal weighting with the academic needs of our children and we have made a commitment to ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ and a skills based approach in order to achieve this.


Learning the skills for a happy and prosperous life is at the heart of all that we do and we celebrate the joy of learning and progressing in our achievements.  Above all, we put everyone at the centre of their own ‘learning journey’ which will prepare them for life in 21st century Britain.


We are continuing to strive to create a curriculum that supports children's personal, health, social and emotional education.  The National Curriculum has been embedded alongside our curriculum to ensure that our children achieve their full academic potential.