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As a school for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties we have a very well thought out approach to supporting our children to behave in a way that maximises their learning and social development.  We do not believe that any of our children are 'naughty'.  They have very individual needs which can lead to them becoming frustrated or upset in situations that other children may find less daunting.

We establish very strong routines and predictable expectations so that the children are able to keep focused on learning and feel proud of their achievements.  Specific praise is an important part of the mix and we hold a weekly 'Good Work' assembly to celebrate a wide range of achievements and individual progress. Children are given certificates and cups and we specifically invite their parents to attend.

In addition, we have a daily structure which supports the children to reflect on whether they have been Learning, Kind and Safe.  This takes the form of a reflective part to the end of every session in the day where the children self assess their performance and record a Green, Amber or Red mark on their personal daily chart.  At the end of the day, they add up the number of green sessions and the total dictates the colour of slip they take home to their families.  These are then collected and when they reach their target number (5,10 or 20 depending upon a age and personal needs) each child is allowed to visit the head teacher for  a prize from the 'Pirate Treasure Chest'
There are no punishments or consequences other than the colour recorded for each session.  This teaches our children the value of self reflection and personal achievement.  It overwhelmingly rewards the behaviours we are seeking to encourage and ensures that children are encouraged to complete their learning activities with the most effort they can.