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Administration of Medicines

Administering Medicines in Courtlands


At Courtlands we understand that some of our children need medication within the school day.  Below are our procedures which meet the government standards and advice.


  • A responsible adult must bring in your child’s medication (usually the parent) – they must not be brought in by a child or by a bus escort as Transport do not allow this.

  • All medication must be in the original prescription box with the prescription label clearly visible.

  • We can no longer administer any non-prescription medicines, this includes Calpol.  We can only administer painkillers if they have been prescribed by a doctor and are in their original packaging.

  • Medicines can only be administered as per the instruction on the box.  Any changes to dosage or timing of administering will have to be accompanied by notification from the prescribing doctor.


We have asked CAMHS and CDC to inform us of any changes in prescriptions agreed over the telephone with the parent to make things easier, and this will be sufficient in most cases.  However, we will not be able to make any changes until we have received written confirmation.


It is outlined in the Department for Education guidance ‘The Administration of Medicines in Educational Establishments’ that ‘if a child is on regular medication it may be necessary for two sets of similar medicines to be kept; one at home and one at school.  The child’s GP or pediatrician should be willing to prescribe this, at parental request’.  If you do need to have two sets and your GP is unwilling to support it, then please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte Roe (Safeguarding Officer) who will write to your GP with a letter of support.


In order to safeguard your child, there are forms which need to be completed.  The completed and signed forms need to be handed into either Claire Sellers or Charlotte Roe before medicines can be administered.

Medical and Administration of Medicines